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Competition Time - Elliestrations needs your vote

Twice a year, Wraptious run a competition to find new artists. There are a few reasons that I would love to be part of the Wraptious family:

- their products are fantastic quality and always beautifully printed

- they plant 3 trees for every order

- the team are really lovely to deal with when ordering Bespoke products, and always make sure everything is good with your order

For my entry, I have chosen a selection of images that make me feel summery. I hope you like them! My chosen designs can be seen below:

The competition is judged partly on sales and social media likes, and partly by industry experts. A sale gets a competitor 50 points, and a like or share from the Facebook post gets 1 point.


Vote with a Like:

Be sure to check out the competition pages throughout the competition as there is always beautiful artwork to look at,

Thank you,


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